The Years of Living Wet

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Has so little changed in 150 years? Finding myself unattached and wandering in the international technology arena, I sold my Victorian-era home, built in 1900 by a sea captain four blocks from San Francisco Bay, and went searching for a boat of my own. After months, I found a British-built catamaran that met my long list of desired on-board features floating in a “creek” of Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis.


About John Huetter

Born into a military family, John Huetter first sailed at age nine, during long summers on the Mediterranean. The boat was 12 ft. long, wooden, with a single canvas sail and hemp rigging. Nearly fifty years later, he went sailing again, this time on a cruising catamaran, from the U.S. East Coast to the West Coast stopping by the Bahamas, Caribbean, South America, en route to the Panama Canal, Central America and Mexico.



Well, the first 30 days of owning the sailing vessel Quo Vadis have been more like “A Year in Provence” than some salty, seafaring saga except that the locals working on the boat speak in Maryland shore and other Chesapeake dialects rather than Provençal. Luckily, I can understand them and even speak a little myself since I spent three years of high school in the region. In all fairness, most of the marine sector workers are generally better about showing up than those described in Peter Mayle’s book.


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